Green Point Mortgage - Should be a crime

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They purchased Green point my home 4 months ago and in Dec sent my welcome letter and gave me my checks.I Wrote a check 2 weeks ago and now just got check returned and there reason is that green pt.

has suspended loans ??? Why send me welcome letters and checks??? Help who do I report this crime to I have my job have a excellent credit scores.

How can they get away with this?This line of credit is used for my Buisness this is what everyone is talking about they are crooks it would make me happy to see them go out of buisness!!!!!!

Green Point Mortgage - Deceptive practices and hidden fees. Stay away...

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Green point mortgage, owned by Captial One, has tried to assess $3800 in fees on my mortgage.Guess what: I have NEVER been late with a payment, and always pay on time electronically.

I signed a "no penalty" arly mortgage. Nowhere in the documentation or the note did it have that they can insert a fee... They tried to put the fee in when I was re-financing.

When I called to inquire, the customer service agent was rude and abrasive.She basically told me they don't care about one customer like me, because people don't complain and implied they would try to hold up my closing since they did not have to do anything if I don't pay up...

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Green Point Mortgage - Return payment and charge you late fee for being late.

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Green Point Mortgage has a new way to extorting money from theirs clients, They refund your payment to your bank who paid every first of the month on time than charge you late fees because you have resend the money late.

one time it could be an error but more than 5 times it is criminal even with the proof of your bank they still want the late fee and scare you with foreclosure.You can write or send them mails or your bank contacting them by phone or in writing to prove that the mortgage is was paid on time and show them when it was refund directly to my account, Green Point Mortgage do not give them,

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